The Airstrip by Air.


Runway length is approx 380 metres.

The frequency to be used is Safetycom on 135.48MHz

Note the National Grid power lines to the north of the strip.

All cicuits to be to the south.

The farmhouse complex on the approach to runway 24

is to be avoided and this will involve a curving approach to runway 24

and an immediate right turn after departure on runway 06.

Even in light winds there is the possibility of severe turbulence

from the trees on the approach to runway 06.

The surface of the strip is undulating.

The eastern end of the runway has a sturdy fence enclosing it.

Only use the runway and taxiway.

Runway 24 has a starter extension of approx 200 metres.

PPR is absolutely essential. No landings without it!!

 The Airstrip by road.